Food Plot Proccess

What’s the process to create a food plot on my property? I get asked this question all the time, and ill try to point you in the right direction. 

Select your food plot site

  • pick an area that you can get into without being winded or seen by deer. Always be thinking about where your scent is blowing, not only sitting in your stand, but while on your access trail. people think ahh… the deer don’t mind, half the time they just let me walk or ride by. Have you ever seen a Mature Buck just let you walk or ride by? I doubt it 😉
  • SUNLIGHT is VITAL to a successful food plot. I get asked constantly what grows in the shade…well, I have bad news: nothing is going to meet your expectations if it doesn’t get Sunlight. 
  • You want your food plot site on high ground. This question is asked often as well…what grows in wet ground, and again bad news nothing is going to meet your expectations if it’s constantly wet.  
  • MFPS offers consultations if you would like some help selecting your food plot site. 

It all starts with the soil

  • get a basic soil test where you’re planning to put your food plot. This is the one step 95% of people don’t want to do, and it will be the best $15 you spend. 
  • The soil test will tell you things like PH and what fertilizer you need to apply to the soil based on the seed you’ll plant. 
  • Give MFPS a shout and we can help you get this started. 

Site preparation

You have a few different ways to plant your food plot, and the site prep is a bit different for what way you prefer or based on the type of equipment you have. The key to site prep is creating a seed bed that allows great seed to soil contact. Whatever method you choose, be sure your seed makes contact with bare soil.

Weed control 

  • Weed Control is one of those things that will drive you crazy. If you don’t take the proper steps in controlling the weeds you’ll regret it. I say this from experience! There is nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars and many hours on your plot and you climb in your stand for the first time of the year and your plots are all weeds. This process looks a bit different based on your planting method.
  • Research the seed your planting, corn and beans can handle a residual chemical. This won’t allow the weed seeds to germinate. I would highly recommend using a residual if your seed can tolerate it!

Till, broadcast, cultipack

  1. Make sure the plot is clear of all brush, small trees, grass etc…
  2. 2 weeks before you till, spray your plot with 3 qt/a glyphosate and 1 pint/a 24d (burndown).
  3. Apply lime and fertilizer recommended from your soil test.
  4. Till  plot with the equipment you have access to. Rototiller, Disc, Field Cultivator…
  5. After that, don’t do anything for 3 weeks. Give all the fresh weed seeds time to germinate and start growing. Yes, when you till the ground you’re creating a weed frenzy and unearthing thousands of new weed seeds. I get it, we don’t have the patience to wait to plant…I promise it will be worth it. 
  6. 3 weeks prior to planting spray another round of the burndown on your plot. 3 qt/a Glyphosate, 1 pint/a 24D.
  7. The day you plant spray glyphosate at 3 qt/a. DO NOT SPRAY 24D within 3 weeks of planting. It has a residual. 
  8. Broadcast your seed at the rate suggested on the bag! DON’T OVERSEED BRASSICAS!
  9. Cultipack with what you have available. Cultipacker, yard roller, run it over with atv, drag an old piece of fence. Just get the seed making good contact with the ground.

No-Till Drill

  1. 3 weeks before planting spray burndown
  2. Apply suggested lime and fertilizer based on soil tests.
  3. The day you plant spray glyphosate at 3qt/a
  4. No-till drill your seed into your plot

Planting Day!!!

This is the day we have all been waiting for….we can’t wait to get that seed on the ground!