Food plots

Food Plots are a huge part of your habitat management program. We can assist you with food plot design and consultation. In addition, we offer skid steer brush cutting services to create new access, food sources as well as spraying, soil testing, lime & fertilizer application, custom no-till drill planting, and Giant Miscanthus Planting.

Skid steer Brush Cutting

Michigan Food Plot Supply can help you clear your food plot area. We utilize a Bobcat T-630 equipped with a Skid pro Heavy Duty brushcutter to help clear new food plot sites.  We can also create access routes through  thick cover or brush.   

Soil Management

Soil Testing, Lime, and Fertilizer Application. Taking care of your dirt is the most important step in the food plot process. To have a successful food plot program testing your soil and applying the appropriate lbs per acre of lime and fertilizer is vital. MFPS uses our New Holland Workmaster 75 equipped with a Herd 750 3pt spinner spreader to complete these projects.

Tillage and Weed Control

To have a successful food plot program keeping weeds under control is extremely important. The minute you till your ground weeds will be one of the first to emerge. At MFPS we use our Kubota X1140 with an F/S manufacturing Dakota sprayer to apply herbicides and per-emergent chemicals. If plots require tillage, we have a Unverferth Perfecta to till & flatten your plot before broadcast planting.

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Custom Planting Service

No Till Drill, Broadcast Planting, Giant Miscanthus Planting. We have a wide range of tools at our disposal to match the planting type with the project. We plant anything from Switchgrass, clover, soybeans in the spring to brassica blends, cereal grains in the fall. With our Great Plains 606nt, Herd spinner spreader and our modified tree planter we have the ability to plant just about anything you would need to improve your habitat.

Whitetail Farm Plan Implementation

If you have hired a land consultant, and purchased a habitat management plan for your property. We can come in and implement that plan for you. If you don’t have the ability or desire to purchase the equipment necessary to complete your projects give us a call.


We are 100% honest at Michigan Food Plot Supply. I in no way have the experience or knowledge of some of the big names in habitat management across the county. I will say, I have a lot more knowledge than the average food plotter. Much of this experience is from many years of making and learning from my mistakes. We are constantly learning and spend hundreds of hours each year perfecting our craft.  We offer food plot and land consultations to help you determine how I would set up your farm as if it was mine. Most of our work in this space comes from the guy that doesn’t want to spend thousands on a big-name habitat consultant.