RWWP Plot Topper



RRWP Plot Topper 3lb bag = 1/2 acre

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We came up with this unique blend which includes purple top turnips, oil-seed radish, tillage radish, rape, sugar beets, forage collards, crimson clover and impact forage collards after years of side by side testing. The result is a product that will have deer tearing at the foliage and bulbs as hard as any brassica mixture on the market. We have noticed that some deer tend to hit brassicas harder and quicker than others. Plot Topper can be planted alone or planted in the same plot with our Whitetail Oats, Harvest Salad, or broadcasted into standing corn or soybeans as the leaves turn yellow. If you want big bucks on big brassica bulbs, try out Plot Topper.

The “Deadly Dozen”
50 lbs Harvest Salad + 3 lb bag Plot Topper = 1 Acre Deadly Dozen

When Harvest Salad and Plot Topper are combined it gives you 12 plant species in the same plot. We call it the “Deadly Dozen”. With this combination there will always be multiple plants within the plot that are highly palatable to the deer from the time it first germinates until the following spring. Some of the plants will really draw the deer in early, other plants will attract during the late fall and still others will become more attractive during the late season after there has been a hard freeze.