Three Rivers, Michigan Habitat Management Plan

Follow along as Michigan Food Plot Supply transforms an 80 acre farm in St. Joe county, Michigan. These projects are always the most fun for MFPS. Taking a property that has been in row crop farming for over 20 years and transforming it into a wildlife playground….this is going to be a blast!

I had the luxury of having a lot of time on this farm in years past. Bill, the landowner, is my uncle. This sped up the planning process. I met up with Uncle Bill, and his Son’s in January to go over what they wanted to get out of this habitat plan. All three of them looked at me and said, treat it as if it was yours. What would you do, Dan? i got a big smile on my face… Buckle UP! i have been trying to convince my uncle bill for years to turn me loose on this farm, and I finally have the chance. if you check out the photo above this is the plan we came up with. 16 acres Switchgrass & 9 acres of food plots. St.Joe county has high deer density, so we wanted to put as much food on the farm as possible, and add bedding cover with Switchgrass in the areas of the farm that are hard to access. I set up a farm with a few things in mind. 1. Create bedding cover in areas that are hard to access and hunt. 2. draw the deer to the areas you can access to hunt with food.

After everything was on paper we hit the field! A few weeks ago we met up at the farm and layed everything out. I like to use different colored flags and mark out all food plots, switchgrass, clover lanes etc… this does a couple things, gives the landowner and I a chance to talk thru everything again and make sure we are on the same page. The food plots are all within killing range of the tree stands or blinds. After the layout we went around to all the food plots and gathered soil samples.